Black Trade

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The Black Trade is a slang term for the slave trade.

  • It is a socioeconomic practice and cultural custom.
  • Please also see the AAB Library Data article: Slave

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Since chattel slavery is illegal in the Imperium, very few people have heard the term. Outside the Imperium, slaves are more common, as is the term. [1]

Article VI of the Warrant of Restoration[edit]

Emperor Cleon Zhunastu formed the Third Imperium in the Year 0 and declared in the Warrant of Restoration:

Article VI - Slavery Prohibited: Chattel slavery shall not exist within the Imperium, nor in any territory directly under its control, nor on any member world, nor within any territory with which a member world shall have dealings.

Slavery Within the Third Imperium[edit]

Q1. Does slavery exist within the Third Imperium?

A1. Yes and no. Officially no, unofficially yes. Under the system of Feudal Confederation, the government and suprapolity of the Third Imperium overwhelmingly emphasizes two points:

  1. Free Trade: The Imperial government puts the highest priority on the maintenance of a free enterprise and free trade system with the caveat that taxes be paid to the central government of the Third Imperium in the person of the Emperor. How free trade is interpreted and enforced via policy is highly selective. As a rule, the system is laisse faire or hands off. After enforcement of Imperial taxes and starport oversight, the Starport Authority, local policy is left to the Imperial Nobility and the Duchies.
  2. Safety of the Starways: The Imperial government puts the highest priority on its own sovereignty and the security of Imperial Space. It effectively funds and supports the Imperial Military, polices the starways, and enforces those laws and legislation that the Emperor discerns. Outside of the Emperor's priorities, the state leaves local rule to the Imperial Nobility and the Duchies. That even includes a cetain level of military force devolvement to the Colonial Navy, Subsector Navy, Planetary Navy, and Colonial Forces (Planetary Defense Forces).

NOTES: The Imperial government, for the most part, are against the practice, but it is not unknown for the authorities to look the other way when it comes to enforcement in areas with divergent opinion and different cultural practices. [2]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Aslan Space, Vargr Space, and K'kree Space are notorious for widespread practices of chattel slavery.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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