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The Big Floppy Book or BFB refers to the Far Future Enterprises reprint collections of Classic Traveller. The original digest size books were scanned and printed as two digest pages on a single page. Combined with the softcover, this makes the books both larger than normal books and floppy, hence the name.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Dimensions of Traveller Books:


The large size books are 8.5 inches/215.9 mm "wide" (left to right) and 11.5 inches/279.4 mm "high" (top to bottom). GDW produceds these books in portrait orientation.


The landscape orientation is 11.5 inches/279.4 mm "wide" (left to right) and 8.5 inches/215.9 mm "high" (top to bottom). Far Future Enterprises reprints of the CT original books are in landscape format.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Other Uses: The term Big Floppy Book has also been applied (albeit infrequently) to GDW's larger format Classic Traveller books, namely:

The term has also be applied to GDW'a and DGP's MegaTraveller books and Imperium Games' T4 books.

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