Basic Cybernetic Leg

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Basic Cybernetic Leg
Type Cyberware
Tech Level TL–8
Cost Cr200,000
Size 14 liters
Weight 14 kg

The Basic Cybernetic Leg is a battery powered cybernetic limb constructed from strong lightweight materials that includes a Basic Cybernetic Foot as standard. It closely matches the strength and capabilities of an organic leg. A Basic Cybernetic Leg replaces approximately 20% of the body in humans. In other sophonts, a leg may represent a greater or lesser percentage of the body. It may have a realistic appearance, with synthetic skin, silent operation and species-normal body temperatures. Some individuals prefer a colorful or bizarre finish or leave the internal mechanics of the leg exposed. It may be multi-jointed, allowing for greater articulation and range of movement.

The Basic Cybernetic Leg directly connects to the individual's nervous system, allowing it to be controlled as though it were a natural limb, and provides sensory feedback such as touch, pressure, texture and temperature.

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