Bannockburn After Dark (BAD) (Infostream)

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Bannockburn After Dark (colloquially called "BAD" near the core of the Principality of Caledon, is a Selkirk-based infostream originally founded in 640 by Ross "Rocco" Burns, patriarch of the Burns family that still runs the stream today.

Early Years[edit]

"Rocco" Burns had served for 15 years as the Society editor at the News of Selkirk, (a traditional hard-news infostream) when he was terminated after costing the stream hundreds of thousands of pounds in a defamation suit filed by a noble whom Burns had caught in flagrante delicto.

Burns - aided by a loan secured by a hereditary enemy of the noble who'd caused Burns' problems in the first place - founded Bannockburn After Dark in 640, operating out of a former tavern on Cairnleigh Row, the Selkirk media's epicenter. With a breezy style, casual journalistic ethics and a focus on the sensational, BAD quickly became a place to see and be seen among entertainers, as well as politicians and nobles with greater flair for publicity than policy.


Nearly 400 years after its founding, BAD is still run by the Burns family; a troika of Stacia Burns-Hazlett and her children, managing editor Alexandra and business manager Roy Burns, still runs the stream with an eye for the sensational, the lurid, and the downright-unseemly. They also break the occasional bit of news.

BAD employs hundreds of content producers, "readers" (on-camera personalities) - and lawyers. The stream runs bureaus on all Caledonian systems above TL10.

BAD is a key consumer of information from all over the Principality and its environs. The streams' bureaus on the Principality's other systems pay a healty premium for content to travel on Royal Caledonian Mail packets - or, if needed, on private vessels.


Andrew Burns, the youngest son, is the editor of The Selkirk Bayonet, a hard-news stream that has become a fierce competitor not only to the traditional Streams (News Of Selkirk, The Clarion, The Times of Selkirk), but to BAD itself.

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