Balance Scale

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Small Balance Scale
Type Sensory Aid
Tech Level TL–1
Cost Cr500
Size 5 liters
Weight 8 kg
Large Balance Scale
Type Sensory Aid
Tech Level TL–3
Cost Cr2,000
Size 1 kl
Weight 450 kg

The Balance Scale consists of a beam with a fulcrum at its center.

The small scale comes with a set of reference weights for measuring weights up to 10kg. The beam comes with a slider making the weight readings accurate to 1/2 gram

The large scale is for weighing more massive objects, and is capable of handling weights up to 1,000kg. The large scale does not come with reference weights. The scale pointer is generally accurate to 1/2kg.

Note: The balance scale measures weight, not mass. Calculating the mass of the object(s) being weighed requires knowledge of the local gravity field strength.

For highest accuracy, the fulcrum would consist of a sharp V-shaped pivot seated in a shallower V-shaped bearing. To determine the mass of the object, a combination of reference masses was hung on one end of the beam while the object of unknown mass was hung on the other end. For high precision work, the center beam balance is still one of the most accurate technologies available, and is commonly used for calibrating test weights.