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Status Minor Human Race (Hominid)
Classification Omnivore/hunter
Size 5'9"
Weight 140 pounds
Homeworld Irale (Antares 2315)
Multi-world Yes
Canon Yes
Extinct Extant
Reference GURPS Traveller: Humaniti

The Azhanti are a minor Human race native to the world of Irale (Antares 2315).

Azhanti (Sophont) Physiology & Environment

The Azhanti are not interfertile with most other human races. Consequently, physiological descriptions of “pure” Azhanti are more easily obtained than for other humans.

Unlike many minor Human races, which differ from baseline Humaniti physiological norms only in minor ways, the Azhanti have evolved to survive in high temperatures. Thus, the Azhanti distinguish themselves from the rest of Humaniti physically as well as culturally.

An Azhanti male averages about 5’ 9” tall in height and weighs approximately 140 lbs. An Azhanti female averages about 5’ 8” tall and weighs 135 lbs. This weight is somewhat less than human norms and appears to have evolved to help the Azhanti radiate excess heat. So while they are of comparable heights to baseline humans, they are thinner than that height would suggest. In addition, they are completely hairless and possess oversized ears. The cranium is likewise larger (approximately 1600-2000 cc), but Azhanti brains are less organized so that intelligence does not differ markedly from that of other humans. Azhanti eyes are brown and, most strikingly, their skin is brownish-orange.

Like most humans, the Azhanti are omnivorous. The native life of Irale is compatible with human biochemistry, so no extensive food preparation was necessary as it was among the Vilani.

Azhanti women give birth after a ten-month gestation period. Multiple births are nearly unknown.

Azhanti senses are about equal to those possessed by all humans. Azhanti eyes, however, are slightly better able to endure bright light due to the intensity of Irale’s home sun.

In addition to what has already been mentioned, the Azhanti differ from other humans in that their trachea possesses a special filter to allow them to breathe Irale’s sulfur-tainted atmosphere. Besides protecting them from the sulfur, the filter gives most Azhanti (even females) deep and raspy voices.

Azhanti life spans are somewhat short for members of Humaniti. Most Azhanti live to between sixty-five and seventy-five years. Likewise, most Azhanti do not age well, suffering the ill effects of old age before reaching fifty. Anagathic treatments can offset this somewhat, but few Azhanti approve of such methods, believing them an effort to “cheat” the time allotted to them by God to overcome the challenges that the deity has placed before them.

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Calendar & Timekeeping

The natural Azhanti circadian rhythm is that of a twenty-six hour day. The local day on Irale is 25 hours and 39 minutes. This day is divided into a nine-hour work period, an eight-hour period of rest, and another nine-hour period of sleep. Given the close correspondence between Irale’s local day and the standard Imperial twenty-four hour day, most Azhanti have little trouble adapting to it.

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