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The Authentic movement is a broad cultural revival movement started in the Core sector in 988, and has spread throughout the Imperium and the Solomani Rim.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Authentic movement was created by Johann Kramm, a Solomani anthropologist. He published a treatise titled The Authentic Experience where he theorized the homogeneous culture created by a high-technology culture was disadvantageous. Humans thrive on diversity and mystery, best obtained from other people.

Kramm's solution to this was suggesting each person find the culture of an ancestor to learn about and emulate. Like many other cultural revival movements, it encourages members to learn and emulate earlier cultures, particularly ones they have a connection to. What's unusual about the Authentic movement is that is does not attempt to promote one culture above another. Instead members are encouraged to not only learn their own selected culture but also to celebrate the diversity of cultures represented by other members. These celebrations usually take the form of displays of the culture through language, food, clothing or games.

The Authentic movement got its initial boost from the popularity of Kramm's book and the persuasive public speaking of Kramm himself. By the time of his death in 1005, the Authentic movement had spread through the Core sector.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Authentic movement became noticeable in the Solomani Rim in 1010, shortly after the Solomani Rim War ceased hostilities. Imperial officials, fearing a cultural revival movement would inflame an already tense sector, attempted to suppress or at least discurage it. By 1050 it was apparent that the Authentic movement was having the opposite effect. The celebration of cultures tended to break down the monolithic Solomani Movement, and promote a more tolerant world view.

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