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name   Audacious class Dreadnought
architect   [[Ronald B. Kline, Jr.]]
canon   No. Unpublished, non-canon fan design.
caption   TBD
cargo   0.0
configuration   TBD Hull
cost   620,751.809 (base)<br>MCr 496,601.447 (discounted)
crew   5,053
designation   BS
enlisted   2,053
hardpoints   7,000
illustration   No
image   Wiki Navy.png
jump   5
lowberths   2,527 [[Frozen Watch]]
maneuver   2
officers   474
origin   Third Imperium
passengers   0
size   700,000
streamlining   [[Unstreamlined Hull]]
sizeCategory   FCS
TL   15
type   Heavy Dreadnought
usp   DN-W1527J4-E99909-997T9-0