Atmosphere Tester

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Atmosphere Tester
Type Sensory Aid
Tech Level TL–8
Cost Cr150
Size 2 liters
Weight 1 kg

The "Sniffer" Atmosphere Tester from Survival Products is a solid state miniaturized gaseous analyzer incorporating microprocessor circuitry to detect and indicate the molecular components in gas samples passing its detector head. The Sniffer is typical of most atmosphere testers on the market today.

One kilogram weight, and measuring 100mm by 175mm by 20mm. Corrosion resistant case of phenolic plastic. 8.7 to 9.3 volt power supply, from rechargeable battery pack. Estimated charge life: 100 hours. Belt attachment available, optional. Sling carrying strap standard.

The device is in constant operation, with LEDs indicating chemical symbol for the three major components in the gas sample, with percentage of total shown. Pressing the button labelled "More" replaces this with the next three components. Up to 30 components and percentages may be read in this manner. in addition, three lights (red, amber, and green) are mounted on the face of the device. Whenever the light (or lights) showing changes, an audible beep indicates the change. Red indicates that the atmosphere is not breathable. Green indicates that it is. Green and amber indicates that it is breathable but tainted. Red and amber indicates that the atmosphere is not breathable and also contain material considered to be taint. Amber alone indicates a lack of pressure, but breathable mixture. The exact mixtures which trigger the lights are set at the factory, but may be adjusted to fit personal preference.

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