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A Sophont or group with a specific relationship to a character

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Over the course of their previous careers, characters will have made friends and foes and established ties with other Sophonts who may play a part in future adventures. Such Associates include:

  • Allies: Who will actively help the character
  • Contacts: Who may aid the character
  • Rivals: Who will oppose the character
  • Enemies: Who will seek to doom the character

These also include implied Associates from other relationships explicitly mentioned

  • Family: Who may be any of the four categories above and may be:
    • A Parent or other person of an older generation
    • A Partner or Spouse (potentially including ex-Partners)
    • A Child
  • Colleagues: Other Characters with a specific inter-party connection

Further types of Associate are also possible:

  • Consort: An influential form of Spouse
  • Assistant: A specialist form of Ally that work within a specific sphere:
    • Buyer/Seller Assistant (as below but more reliable)
    • Drone Assistant (also a Slave/Equipment - depending on your viewpoint)
    • Secretarial Assistant (also an Employee)
  • Servant: A specialist Ally and a personal servant (May be an Employee or Slave)
  • Buyer/Seller: Aids in predicting prices of goods in the markets

Where the Associates are groups rather than specific individuals, these are known as Networks.

  • Networks are groups of anonymous individuals that may be used to generate temporary Associates.
  • Networks will have a general area of expertise and require work to maintain (and may require expenditure).
  • A character's family may also work as a default Network

Finally, the Associate may be an Imperial (or other) institution, when the relationship is called:

  • Detached Duty: Where the institution is the IISS.
  • Independent Operation: Where the relationship is to the Imperial Navy (or another Navy) and a corporation owned by the character but funded by that Navy.
  • Retainer: Where the institution is the Imperial Navy (or some other) and the Character may be recalled to duty
  • Subsidised Route: Where the relationship is to a Government and they are subsidising a merchant Ship.
  • Trust: Where the relationship is to an Agency of a Government and the resources of that Agency may be drawn upon by the Character.

These forms of relationship are often associated with specific obligations and backed by Imperial Law.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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