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There is no one, unified, Hierate-wide Aslan Navy. The Aslan Hierate has no Hierate-wide naval organization. Rather, individual clans each maintain their own Clan Navies to defend their own interests.

Library Data Referral Tree[edit]

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Mission (Goals)[edit]

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Doctrine & Strategy (Operations)[edit]

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Rank & Grade (Hierarchy)[edit]

Some of the organizational ranks and grades used by this force are included in the table below.

Aslan Naval (Spacer) Ranks
(Approximate Translations)
Commissioned Officers (Male / Female)
O9 » Clan Admiral
O8 » Fleet Admiral / Fleet Chief of Staff
O7 » Admiral / Chief of Staff
O6 » Captain / Executive
O5 » Officer Commandant / Officer Executive
O4 » Commandant Lieutenant / Executive Lieutenant
O3 » Senior Lieutenant
O2 » Lieutenant
O1 » Junior Lieutenant
O0 » Intendant (Cadet)
Enlisted (Ratings) - (Both Genders)
E9 » Honored Chief Petty Officer
E8 » Chief Petty Officer
E7 » Honored Petty Officer
E6 » Veteran Petty Officer
E5 » Petty Officer
E4 » Honored Spacehand
E3 » Veteran Spacehand
E2 » Spacehand
E1 » Spacehand Recruit
E0 » Spacehand Recruit

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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TO&E (Organization)[edit]

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Fleet Composition[edit]

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Selected Ship Classes[edit]

Some ship classes widely used within Aslan Space include:

  1. Afteasea class Armored Cruiser
  2. Aoa'iw class Light Trader [1]
  3. Aositaoh class Mercenary Cruiser AKA Aositaoh class Cruiser
  4. Dark Nebula B1 class Dreadnaught
  5. Dark Nebula B2 class Improved Dreadnaught
  6. Eakhau class Merchant AKA Eakhau class Trader
  7. Eiaikeiar class Intruder Transport
  8. Eitehr class Frigate
  9. Ekawsiykua class Escort
  10. Elsyel class Light Destroyer
  11. Halaheike class Pocket Warship [2]
  12. Hero class Intruder Transport
  13. Hkisyeleaa class Slaver [3]
  14. Hkiyrerao class Laboratory Ship AKA Hkiyrerao class Research Ship AKA Hkiyrerao class Researcher
  15. Hraye class Scout
  16. Hraye II class Multimission Scout
  17. Hroilri'ea class Strike Cruiser
  18. Ihatei class Transport
  19. Ihateisho class Scout
  20. Intruder class Transport
  21. Iyeliy class Messenger
  22. Khtukhao class Merchant AKA Khtukhao class Clan Transport
  23. Kteiroa class Prospector AKA Kteiroa class Seeker
  24. Ktiyhui class Courier
  25. Olyora class Medevac Pinnace
  26. Oukhaha class Bulk Hauler [4]
  27. Owatarl class Tender
  28. Sakhai class Assault Carrier [5]
  29. Stayaow class Combat Scout
  30. Stiytesrah class Clan Transport
  31. Taorl class Riftliner
  32. Tigershark class Patrol Boat
  33. Tleiatre class Intruder Transport
  34. Trekhyair class Quarantine Cutter
  35. Triggerfish class Battle Rider
  36. Warlord class Battle Leader
  37. Weakhto class Cruiser
  38. Yaeai class Recon Pinnace

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This navy primarily operates in the following areas:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

This navy is known to regularly operate within the following systems and worlds:

No world articles for Aslan Navy

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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