Ashfall III: Into the Crust

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Ashfall III: Into the Crust
Ashfall III
Author Timothy Collinson
Publisher March Harrier Publishing
Version Mongoose 2nd
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback) (PDF}
Language English
Pages 32
Year Published 2019
Canonical No
Available from DriveThru RPG
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Ashfall III: Into the Crust is a March Harrier Publishing adventure source book written for Mongoose 2nd.

Old rumours, questionable theories, hare-brained ideas – even the occasional miner going walkabout on the inhospitable surface of a hellish planet. Spume has them all. Well, there’s not much else to do between shifts. There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t have some thoughts on just what might be out there; but does anyone have any actual hard data?

Six Darrian scientists, waiting for evacuation from the trauma of their last few weeks on Spume, receive an intriguing message from a miner they thought they’d never see again.

Also includes:

- Robot extension tables up to TL–16
- A Darrian naval squad for further adventure and Ashfall: The Prelude with additional adventure seeds
- Deck plans, description, stats, and crew for a TL–12 Newt class Scout
- Description and stats for a TL–12 Survey/Repair g-carrier

May be used as a standalone adventure or in conjunction with Ashfall I and Ashfall II.


Timothy Collinson
Timothy Collinson, Christian Hollnbuchner, Alison Williams, Ian Cook, Davey Nin

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