Ashfall II: Under the Dome

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Ashfall II: Under the Dome
Author Timothy Collinson
Publisher March Harrier Publishing
Version Mongoose 2nd
Edition 1st
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 44
Year Published 2018
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG

Ashfall II: Under the Dome is a March Harrier Publishing adventure sourcebook for Mongoose 2nd.

Six top Darrian university scientists on an expedition to Spume have taken refuge in the only town on the desolate world. A mining town full of rough and ready types trying to eke a living from the hellish environment.

While they wait for the next ship offworld, there are people to get to know, rumours to titillate and intrigue, and things going on that maybe some would rather weren’t investigated.

The workforce of Dryavis on Spume is growing restless. They are cooped up in a small mining town under a mercilessly sulphurous sky raining ash and who knows what else on them. There’s little distraction from the harsh conditions as the few hundred miners make up the entire population of the planet. And now the Pihrund Corporation is beginning to terminate long term contracts and bring in newcomers.

Includes art by Boyd L. Stone (Ori), character generation for remote operation miners and the rules for Pamboyra, or Darrian chess.

Can be used as a standalone adventure or to extend the events of part I, Ashfall.


Timothy Collinson
Boyd L. Stone

Table of Contents[edit]

Ashfall II: Under the Dome
Chapter Pages
Rules 4
Referee's Information 5-7
Vehicles 8
Library Data 9-18
Act I: Arrival Events 19-28
Act II: Options for the PCs 29-30
NPCs 31-34
Final Notes 35-39


Library Data[edit]

Library data entries

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