Arrival Vengeance

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Arrival Vengeance
MT 0225 Vengeance.jpg
The Final Odyssey
Author Greg Videll
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version MegaTraveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 38
Year Published 1992
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG
Stock #0225
ISBN 1-55878-149-8

Arrival Vengeance: The Final Odyssey is a MegaTraveller adventure spanning charted space during the Hard Times era. It provides a glimpse of events across a wide region of the MegaTraveller map. This was the last MegaTraveller product published by GDW.

"Tell Norris I'm sorry." This is Emperor Strephon's last message, given to the crew of ISS Arrival Vengeanceto take back with them to the Domain of Deneb. Strephon was the last stop on Arrival Vengeance"'s three-year mission to save a civilization. It is 1126.

  • Three years earlier, 1123, Archduke Norris, ever faithful to the Imperial Ideal, ordered a top-secret mission.
  • A hundred-year old cruiser was "borrowed" from a mothball fleet and assigned a hand picked crew. It was prepared for a three-year cruise.
  • The ship: ISS Arrival Vengeance, a 60,000 ton Azhanti High Lightning-class cruiser.
  • The course: Cross the Great Rift to Daibei, run trailward to Delphi, then coreward to Core and Gushemege. Contact Craig, Lucan, Margaret and Strephon.
  • The mission: Penetrate the war-torn shattered Imperium in search of some hope of a reunified Imperium.
  • Join the crew of the Arrival Vengeance, be a custodian of the future of the Domain of Deneb - perhaps that of the entire Imperium. The mission is ambitious, but surely it must succeed. The Imperium can't really be dead, can it? Can the dream really be over?
  • As a member of the hand-picked crew, you will negotiate with Aslan nobles, witness the slave trade in the depths of Massilia, meet with the Hand of Varian, and have a show-down with Lucan's forces. You will also meet with Duke Craig, Duchess Margaret, and learn the truth about Strephon.
  • Tough times demand tough people. Accept the challenge of Arrival Vengeance.


Greg Videll
Additional Design
Dave Nilsen
Cover Art
Tom Peters
Interior Art
Steve Bryant, LaMont Fullerton & Mike Vilardi
Graphic Design
Steve Bryant, Rob Lazaretti & Kirk Wescom
Original Azhanti High Lightning design
Frank Chadwick & Marc Miller

Table of Contents[edit]

Arrival Vengeance
Section Page/s
Introduction 2
Letter from Archduke Norris 4
Welcome aboard 5
Smoke Test 6
Envoy 7
Federation 9
Keepers of the Flame 13
Bird of Prey 14
Hand of Varian 16
Vengance is mine 18
World in flames 18
Shadow of greatness 20
Conclusion 24
Appendix 1: Aboard the Arrival Vengance 27
Appendix 2: Lightning class cruisers 30
Appendix 3: NPCs 31
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