Animal class Safari Ship

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Animal class Safari Ship
Safari-Ship-WH-Keith-MT-Imp-Encyclo-Pg-37 03-July-2018a.jpg
Type: YK Safari Ship
Category ACS
Size 200 Tons
Hull Configuration Close Structure Hull
Streamlining Streamlined Hull
Tech Level TL–11
Computer Model 1/bis
Jump J-2
Maneuver 1 G
Hardpoints 2
Staterooms 11
Crew 4
    Officers 3
    Enlisted 1
High/Mid Passengers 0
Cargo 23 Tons
Fuel tank 60 Tons
Carried craft 1 20t launch, 1 air/raft
Construction Time 11 Months
Origin Third Imperium
Cost MCr81.08
Quick Ship Profile K-BS12
Blueprint Yes
Illustration Yes
Also see Expedition Ship, Safari
Canon Published, canon design
Designer Marc Miller
Design System Book 2
Era 1105
Reference Safari Ship 19-30.

The Animal class Safari Ship is an civlian excursion vessel using a 200-ton hull, intended for trophy-taking (actual or images) expeditions to other worlds.


It has jump drive-B, maneuver drive-A, and power plant-B, giving a performance of jump-2 and 1G acceleration. Fuel tankage for 60 tons supports the power plant and one jump-2. Adjacent to the bridge is a computer Model/1 bis. There are eleven staterooms and no low berths. The ship has one hardpoint and one ton allocated to fire control. A double turret is installed, but no weapons are mounted. There are two ship's vehicles: an air/raft and a 20-ton launch. Cargo capacity is 6 tons. Two 7-ton capture tanks can hold specimens, and a 7-ton trophy lounge serves as a hunters' recreation area. The hull is streamlined.

The safari ship requires a crew of four: pilot, navigator, engineer, steward/medic. A gunner and additional personnel may be added. The pilot normally operates the launch; the steward normally operates the air/raft. The ship can comfortably carry a party of 7 (various double occupancy arrangements can boost total capacity to 20, including a crew of four) on expeditions. The ship costs MCr81.08 (including 10% discount for standard designs) and takes 11 months to build.

Image Repository[edit]

  1. A brochure image of an Animal class Safari Ship deploying a Denuli class Hunting Launch.
    Safari-Ship-WH-Keith-MT-Imp-Encyclo-Pg-37 03-July-2018a.jpg

History & Background[edit]

The typical safari ship does not engage in commercial passenger service. They only charter specially arranged tourists.

The specific safari ship design presented here has been used for several other purposes or missions, either through conversion of existing safari ships, or through deliberate variants produced by the shipyard. These variants include yachts, Scout Service exploratory or survey vessels, passenger carrying liners, and free traders. This particular model has proven unsuccessful in commercial service due to its limited capacity for cargo.

Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

3 Representative Safari Ship (YK) Classes[edit]

§ == ( Please refer to the following AAB Library Data for more information: ) == §
    1. Leaping Snowcat class Safari Ship


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