Aeonic Stability

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Aeonic Stability is a state in which interstellar relations and intragalactic peace among the many sophont species will achieve a state of perpetual prosperity and stability.

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Cultural Mores[edit]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Civilization, like any successful species, must undergo change and both evolve and adapt to challenging conditions. The Imperiums are an evolving civilization attempting to achieve a state of aeonic stability. Previous Imperiums have fallen under various societal pressures and threats, both from internal and external sources. The Emperor of the Third Imperium is striving to create a civilization capable of perpetual stability and prosperity before the next great challenge. History teaches that all great civilizations rise and fall, who do not study and master the civilizational and technological cycle.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Many of the polities of Charted Space are striving to achieve a state of Aeonic Stability, in which interstellar relations and intragalactic peace among the many sophont species will achieve a state of perpetual prosperity and stability.

Imperial Governance & Long-term Stability[edit]

One of the far-reaching goals of several of the Emperors of the Third Imperium has been to explore and achieve aeonic stability, or the establishment of a perpetual system of stability and prosperity, a system that preserves and promotes a peaceful and vigorous civilization without inhibiting it. After studying the eventual failures of the First Imperium and the Second Imperium, it has become apparent that the current model of civilization has its limits and the social constructs of sophontdom rise and fall with frightening regularity. The very existence of the Imperial Bureaucracy is rumored to be part of this program to achieve aeonic stability.

A number of programs have been launched in the over a millennium of the Third Imperium's existence including the following:

  1. Exploration of and experimention with Psychohistory
  2. Deliberate programs of sophont species inclusion and diversity
  3. A program to establish Imperial Cultural Regions and establish diversity and tolerance of thought
  4. A program to establish Imperial Autonomous Regions and greater self rule
  5. Gradual improvements to the Imperial Bureaucracy to create continuity, flexibility, and stability of governance
  6. The rumored existence of a special agent program to expand the reach of the Emperor
  7. A failsafe program to safeguard civilization in the case of an apocalyptic event or a second Long Night

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