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|image=[[Image:ADV1-CalloftheWild.jpg]]|caption=Adventure 1
|image=[[Image:ADV1-CalloftheWild.jpg]]|caption=Adventure 1
|publisher=[[Avenger Enterprises]]
|publisher=[[Avenger Enterprises]]
|version=[[Classic Traveller]], [[T20]]
|version=[[Classic Traveller]]

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Call of the Wild!
Adventure 1
Publisher Avenger Enterprises
Version Classic Traveller
Author ?
Format pdf
Canonical yes
Year Published 2006
product no: CSRT0001

</translate> Set on the lawless fringe of the Third Imperium in the wake of the Fifth Frontier War, Call of the Wild is a complete adventure for Traveller. It contains stats for T20 and Classic Traveller, and is easy to convert to other rules sets.

The Steel Project is an ambitious plan to colonize former Sword Worlder territory as part of the Imperial post-war development program. Joining the early stages of the project, the travellers must brave the uncharted wilderness of a frontier world. A simple survey mission becomes complex, then deadly when the explorers discover they are not alone.

Call of the Wild is a complete adventure for Traveller. It contains all necessary materials to play including planetary and subsector maps, stats for CT and T20, descriptions of personalities and places, and an answer to one of the oldest "canon" questions in the Official Traveller Universe.