Advanced Base

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Advanced Base
Type Structure
Tech Level TL–8
Cost Cr50,000
Size 72.0 Kl
Weight 6,000.0 kg
Manufacturer GSbAG
Model 317

The GSbAG model 317 Advanced Base is a modular pressurized quarters building with room for six persons. The structure contains a small power plant, air and water recycling system, an airlock at the entrance. The structure is capable withstanding temperatures of -50°C to +100°C and, when properly anchored, winds up to 200kph.

As shipped the base is a 6 ton pallet and requires assembly on site. Assembly requires three hours from two people, or eight hours from one person. Ground anchoring takes another hour for one person and starting the power plant and internal life support system also takes another hour for one person. Disassembly requires two hours for two people, including power plant shutdown and anchor removal.

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