Abram Elan

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Abram Elan (b. 591 - d. 667) was a would be adventurer and explorer.

Elan was born on Iesha (Dagudashaag 1712) to an ordinary family, where he developed into a brighter than average child with a skill for manipulating figures. After high school, Elan moved to Khandi (Dagudashaag 2119) to complete a degree on statistical modeling. On finishing the degree he returned to his home world to take up a post in the corporate planning department of Talas-Iesha Extractions, a subsidiary of Metallurgias Generales SA.

In 632, Elan set out from Iesha to explore the impoverished world, later named Folly, following a vision he claimed showing him vast deposits of valuable minerals. He spent the rest of his life trying to make his vision a reality. He died a bitter, broken, defeated, and impoverished in 667.

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