A Fistful of Credits

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A Fistful of Credits
A Fistful of Credits.jpg
Author Kevin Randell
Publisher Star Quest Games
Version Classic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 20
Year Published 1993
Canonical Yes
Available from TBD

A Fistful of Credits is a Star Quest Games product reprinting a Traveller Scenario published in Australian Realms, Issue 4.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Fistful of Credits is a mercenary commando mission centered on Magen in the Pax Rulin subsector. Due to its violent nature it is advisable that either the referee uses the pre-generated characters provided with this adventure or directs the players to generate characters using the procedure outlined in BOOK 4: Mercenary.


While on Pax Rulin, the group is approached by a rather unsavory character, Sven Orkney, with a rather attractive proposal: a straight forward rescue mission, all equipment supplied, Cr 20,000 each, and no questions asked. If the group sounds interested, he will arrange a meeting with their new prospective employers (the CSB) that night. He can reveal no further information as he has none, but will accept donations. If the group seems reluctant, provide the need for rapid accruement of funds and/or planet skipping.


(see Supplement 3: The Spinward Marches)

Table of Contents[edit]

A Fistful of Credits
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Credits (Primary Sources)
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Author Kevin Randell

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  1. EXTERNAL LINK: Originally appeared in Australian Realms Issue #4 October 1988.

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