AS-2B1 "Warhammer" Assault Shotgun

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AS-2B1 Assault Shotgun
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"Warhammer" Assault Shotgun
Group: Shotgun, Slug
Tech Level TL–12
Size 91.24cm long
Weight 7.75 kg loaded
Cost Cr1,830.97
Ammo 18mm Pellets, Tranq Pellets, Slug, HEAP Slug, Flechette and HEAP Flechette.
Manufacturer Aurora Enterprises
Bullpup stock, optic sight, laser sight, gyroscopic compensator, muzzle brake.

The AS-2B1 "Warhammer" Assault Shotgun is used by Terran Republic Marine infantry and Naval Security personnel during boarding actions and other close quarter combat situations. Developed during the Terran Civil War as a stop gap close support weapon for the Eastern Coalition forces, it is still sometimes referred to as "The Poor Man's Plasma Gun." Because of its weight, it is usually carried with a shoulder strap, though it has a surprisingly low recoil for such a powerful weapon. The AS-2 is generally expensive and difficult to obtain outside of military service

A civilian version, known as the Aurora Model 201, is available to the general public for significantly less. The Model 201 lacks the laser sight and fires in semi-auto mode only, but is otherwise identical to the AS-2.

A variety of rounds have been developed for the AS-2, including pellet, tranq pellet, slug, HEAP slug, flechette, and HEAP flachette (which contains eight high explosive armor piercing darts each). Slug, pellet, and flechette rounds are widely available on the civilian market, while HEAP slug and tranq pellet are rather more difficult to obtain. HEAP flechette rounds, because of their damage potential, are banned on most worlds in the Republic, and are usually only available at ten times the listed price from the black market.

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