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*{{Imperium}} annexes [[Outreaumer Subsector]] of Ley sector.  
*{{Imperium}} annexes [[Outreaumer Subsector]] of Ley sector.  
*[[Syzlin Empire]] peaks at 24 systems.
*[[Syzlin Empire]] peaks at 24 systems.
===Approximate Dates===
*{{WorldS|Barsoom|Solomani Rim|0239}} begins heavy investment in space industries in an attempt to discourage predatory interest from {{WorldS|Jardin|Solomani Rim|0233}}.
*{{WorldS|Fafhrd|Solomani Rim|0912}} virtually depopulated after a civil war destroys most of the world's city-domes.
*{{WorldS|Vland|Vland|1717}} at TL 13.
*{{WorldS|Shapam|Solomani Rim|3009}} colonized from nearby {{WorldS|Champa|Solomani Rim|3109}}.
*{{WorldS|Wepwaci|Foreven|1734}} was settled in the late 500s to exploit its mixture of agro and mineral resources.
*{{WorldS|Kwai Ching|Spinward Marches|1040}} settled by dissidents from free-market {{WorldS|Collace|Spinward Marches|1237}}.
*Aslan visit and possibly inhabit {{WorldS|Mithril|Spinward Marches|1628}}.
*Corsairs expelled by the Imperial administration from {{WorldS|Tersta|Corridor|0102}}.
*An alien race referred to as the "Batwings of Esperanza", and later identified as [[Droyne]], die out within two hundred years of the colonization of {{WorldS|Esperanza|Reft|0926}}.
*The [[Third Imperium]] first surveys {{WorldS|Devi|Crucis Margin|XXXX}}, although no manned landing is recorded, and the native sentient life form is not discovered.
*[[Addaxur]] participate in encounters between the [[Zhodani]] and the [[Aslan]].
*Strin Venat, Duke of [[Feltan Subsector]] (in Massilia sector) and important [[Moot]] leader, dies - and is revealed as the captain of the "Ray of Death," a notorious pirate ship.
*Imperial explorations have gone beyond the [[Spinward Marches Sector]] and into Zhodani territory in adjacent [[Foreven Sector]]. Imperial colonists began to settle in Foreven.
*[[Aslan]] [[Ihatei]] began settling the trail-rim corner of  [[Beyond Sector]].
*[[Aslan ]] demand for [[Dustspice]] lessens after development of synthetic forms; [[Tyeyo Fteahrao Yolr]] shifts to importing novel or valuable trade goods from the [[Spinward Marches]] to the [[Aslan Hierate]].

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Date: 500 Imperial
Solomani: 5,021 A.D.
Vilani: 3,464 VI
Zhodani: 3,197.2
Aslan: 5,601
K'kree: 7,204
Hiver: 180
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