286th Fleet

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286th Fleet (Military Unit) Synopsis

The 286th Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Orvon Subsector.

286th Fleet (Military Unit) Fleet Composition

This fleet consisted of a pair of ScoutRons and four line squadrons with their fleet escorts, transports and logistical support vessels. This fleet is commanded by Admiral, Baron Rosen Kodama Makarov.

955th ScoutRon at Purgatory (Daibei 2832 C300766-A)

  • 5 X Boat Tenders
  • 15 X-Boats
  • 8 Fleet Couriers
  • 20 Scouts
  • 2 Scout Cruisers
  • 2 Supply Ships

950th ScoutRon at Mgg (Daibei 2535 A551998-E)

771st BatRon at Renaissance (Daibei 2533 B798266-B)

773rd BatRon at Mgg (Daibei 2535 A551998-E)

422nd CruRon at Caverna (Daibei 2536 BA7A554-E)

282nd AssaultRon at Knossos (Daibei 2737 A724473-E)

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