21 Plots Go Forth

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21 Plots Go Forth
21 Plots Go Forth.png
Author John WattsBradley Warnes"Big" Dan CallahanVaughn WrightCurtis RickmanPaul Santiago
Publisher Gypsy Knights Games
Version Cepheus Engine
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 47
Year Published 2012
Available from DriveThru RPG


Coming up with a new adventure can be a challenging process and sometimes a Referee needs a helping hand. Perhaps your campaign isn't quite ready. Maybe the last campaign finished a session or two early. Maybe your players have strayed from the expected path.

We're here to help you!

21 Plots Go Forth is the fourth in our highly successful Plots series. The book presents 21 situations, each with 6 possible outcomes, for science fiction gaming groups equipped with a starship and ready to travel. The book , while geared specifically at our Clement Sector setting, can be used with most science fiction settings.

21 Plots Go Forth also contains an index that can point you to the right adventure for your players not only within this volume but also for our entire line of 21 Plots products.

Like all our products, the main intention of this book is to provide an extra spark to the Referee's imagination.


Author: John Watts, Bradley Warnes, "Big" Dan Callahan, Vaughn Wright, Curtis Rickman, Paul Santiago
Artist: Bradley Warnes