200th Fleet

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Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in Sanches Subsector.

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Non Canon

An incredibly ancient and proud fleet with elaborate traditions. During the time of the barracks emperors this fleet was tested repeatedly, not by external enemies of the empire but rebel usurpers struggling to capture the throne. This experience left a lasting distaste for politics and the politically minded. Noble officers are not well liked. Those who rise through the ranks are more trusted and favored. Every command posting must be earned, no special favors for anyone regardless of rank. The members of this fleet swear loyalty only to the empire. The formation boasts eleven massive squadrons. There are an additional eight ScoutRons assigned. There are so many high population planets here, the hordes assault carriers are always filled to capacity with several full imperial field armies. The troop strength alone could crush most enemies. The current admiral is unique, she boasts a squad of warrior nuns, a fanatical religious sect,