168th Fleet

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The 168th Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Akkula Worlds Subsector.


There are seven squadrons in this subsector fleet as part of the much larger Ilelish Sector fleet. There are three ScoutRons assigned, the 4332nd ScoutRon at Base 271 (Ilelish 2114 B302623-C), the 4333rd at Squee'twok (Ilelish 1715 D89A300-7) and the 4334th at Mountain Home (Ilelish 2118 D764544-7). Admiral Evans insisted that the support elements be embedded in his fighting units, this allowed him to eliminate the need for a TankRon and form an addition BatRon.

The ScoutRons uniformly consist of the following:

  • (30) Scouts
  • (10) Magash Class Heavy Scouts
  • (8) X Boat Tenders
  • (32) X Boats
  • (1) Fleet Replenishment Ship
  • (1) Tanker
  • (1) Light Cruiser

1109th BatRon at Hinate (Ilelish 1711 B4208BD-C), under Rear Admiral Bradley

1110th BatRon at Petroleos (Ilelish 2411 B579440-C), under Rear Admiral Usher

1111st BatRon at Base 271 (Ilelish 2114 B302623-C), under Rear Admiral Winslow

1104th BatRon at Carlyle (Ilelish 2014 B543576-B), under Admiral Evans (Supreme Fleet Commander)

2013th CruRon at Guardian (Ilelish 2115 B611431-C), under Commodore Fletcher

2014th CruRon at Talbot (Ilelish 2117 B688875-9), under Commodore Kuurigon

988th AssaultRon at Outpost (Ilelish 1719 A411440-F), under Vice Admiral Shiimiir

  • (3) Battleships
  • (2) Fleet Carriers
  • (1) Bulk Ordinance Carrier
  • (1) Tanker
  • (8) Troop Transports
  • (4) Destroyers
  • (1) Swift Missive Class Courier
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