1113rd Royal Hussars

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The Baron's personal troops consist of an elite brigade of Huscarles locally raised and trained in the Vestus Subsector.

Elite 1113rd Royal Hussars Brigade TO&E


HQ w/ 1 Command/Communications Grav APC
MASH Platoon 5 battalion aid stations and 5 doctors, 15 medics
Quarter Master Platoon 3 Ammo Haulers, 3 Fuel Tankers
Recovery Platoon 3 ARV
Close Defense Platoon 3 APC with 2cm four barreled hyper velocity electric action auto-cannon, for point defense
Engineer/Sapper Platoon 3 AEV

1 Artillery Battery

1 Command/FDC
3 Ammo Transports
6 SP Guns hyper velocity 20cm mass drivers, 4 drone missiles launchers on each

3 Lift Infantry Battalions in Grav APCs, each has:


HQ w/ 1 Command/Communications APC
Medical Evacuation Platoon 5 Ambulances with company clearing stations and 20 medics
Mess Platoon 5 Field Kitchens and 20 Cooks
Maintenance Platoon 5 Workshops 50 Mechanics
Logistic Transport Platoon 10 Cargo G Carriers 10 Drivers

3 Infantry Companies 6 officers and 170 enlisted

HQ w/
1 Command/ECM APC extensive ECM, 5000 power radio, 5000 power radar and radio jammers, 10 pwr TA radar, battle computer
1 APC-SP 10cm mass driven Mortar
9 Grav APC in 3 platoons of 3 each, vehicle crew has CES, and gauss pistols.
39 dismounts, 32 4mm Gauss Rifles w/4cm RAM rifle grenades, Combat Armor and helmets w/ built in Filter Masks,LI Goggles, 30 Power Radio headsets, 9 Disposable Tac Missile launchers, 1 Lt, PS, SL, 2 Medics w/kit, 4Scout/Snipers w/Laser Rifle with Target Designator Scope, and 3 in Battle Dress w/PGMP-D

1 Weapons Company

Command/FDC Grav Sled 5000 power radio, radio/radar direction finders, 100 power counter battery radar
4 Frog Grav MBT=armored platoon 1 officer, 11 enlisted
4 Grav-MRL=artillery platoon
4 Grav-TAC Missile Sled, AT/AAA platoon

Sample Striker Format Vehicle:

FROG GRAV TANK (TECH LEVEL D) The vehicle has a crew of three (driver, gunner, and commander). It mounts a fusion Y gun with tech level 13 direct fire control, in a fully stabilized turret on the chassis desk.

Vehicle Dimensions: height: 2 m (+1 m turret) width: 4.2 m length: 5 m.

Total usable volume: 32.55 m3

Total mass loaded: 57.02070492 metric tons

Production Cost: Cr.3,188,517.463

Movement: Maximum, 1,950 kph/1,625cm; Cruise, 1,462.5kph/1,218.75

NOE, 170kph/142 cm.

Movement effect on fire: None

Armor: Turret all faces, 27; Chassis front, 31; Chassis sides, 27;

Chassis rear, belly and deck 22.

Target Size DMs: +2 low, +1 high

Equipment: Laser sensors (3+) w/ 100 bottles of prismatic aerosol; 50 power target acquisition LADAR; 5 km maser communicator; 5000 power radio; image enhancement and thermal image; extensive ECM; map box and battle computer; tech D avionics; Sealed environment with extended life support for 3 for CBR/NBC threats,

Power: 60 megawatt fusion power plant consumes 90 liters of fuel/ hour; fuel capacity 9,441.356 liters, enough for 104.9 hours. Grav generators produce 2.8 G’s.

Weapons: The 44 megawatt input fusion Y gun with tech D direct fire control may engage 1 target and is an auto spot. Its direct fire characteristics: Effective Range Long Range Extreme Range

5,250m(71) 50m(55) 10,500m(59) 30m(43) 21,000m(36) 10m(20)

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