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Date: -101 Imperial
Solomani: 4,420 A.D.
Vilani: 3,006 VI
Zhodani: 2,931.1
Aslan: 4,324
K'kree: 6,703
Hiver: -1,023
Previous and Following Years
-200s -110s
-111 -110 -109 -108 -107 -106 -105 -104 -103 -102
-100 -99 -98 -97 -96 -95 -94 -93 -92 -91
-100s -100s
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This year went poorly for the young Sylean Federation. The Chanestin Kingdom launched an aggressive counter offensive, during this phase of the Sylean-Chanestin war. Twelve battle squadrons of the Royal Chanestin Fleet with divisions of troops were unleashed from the strategic reserves to join the fray from "secure" borders. The Consulship of Kingdom's military enjoyed some strategic success. They had gained some industrial territory and defeated the Syleans in battle. A local baroness was assassinated by her son at the prompting of the kingdom's secret agents who had infiltrated the royal court. A local Sylean Count Marius, who served as a field general, was also killed in battle. His mercenary tribesmen deserted him after heavy orbital missile bombardment.