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I saw your note on Dan's Talk page. Just so you know, the issue of tagging articles has been done via the Sources Template. You should see the nice blue box at the bottom of every page indicating the source of the material. While not quite at the page level, it should give you an idea of what you're missing.

Oh, and welcome to the Traveller wiki. Enjoy the library. Tjoneslo 01:17, 4 July 2007 (UTC)

Thanks - after writing that note on Dan's page I realized it was a tad bit late to be responding to it :) and that you guys had probably already solved it. Oh well. I'll have to poke around a while more before shooting my mouth off. :)
And I just found out about this wiki from a post on the TML. Looks like a great idea.
btw - I saw Hunter's post from some time in the past year to Dan about making their own "official" Traveller wiki. Anything ever happen with that? -- Rob
That was two weeks ago. The TravellerRPG wiki is up and running, just not open to the full public at this time. It's just getting started and I'll assume Hunter will announce (and post links to) the Wiki when he decides to open it up.
If you have more questions, post them over in the Forum: Watercooler. Tjoneslo 17:49, 4 July 2007 (UTC)