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Spanish translation team[edit]

Group of collaborators working on the translation of the wiki into Spanish.

Pending tasks[edit]

Next works to be done.


"Template:" entries get translated and thus aren't found. e.g. was translated to Solutions? Don't translate template names Some investigation on template translation would be needed to see how that works Duplicate the templates in Spanish You can create the Template:Avanzado as a redirect to the English language template and it correctly includes the original template in the article. This requires creating all the templates we use as Spanish language names. It would be better not to translate the template names. . The other concern will be that the text generated by the templates will not be translated. Which means going through the templates and translating all of them. And many of the templates query data from other templates, which means they also need to be translated.


Some pages are marked as having a "{{metadata}}" template which links that page to data about the page. There are two uses for metadata pages: For an explanation about how the information in the page was derived For additional data about the thing described in the page In the former case, the translation of the metadata is, arguably, not relevant to the translation, but may be relevant to the translator. In the latter case, the metadata is pertinent to the page user. The wiki may need to separate the two types of metadata so that the translation process works well.

List of articles to be translated[edit]

Next articles to translate.

Article Estado Translation Reviewed Reviewed
El Tercer Imperio Reviewed Jorge Serrano
Sector del Brazo Troyano Reviewed Dorsai
Ancients Reviewed
Humaniti Reviewed
Atmosphere Reviewed
Population Reviewed Tremandur
Government Reviewed Jorge Serrano Yes
Law Level Reviewed Jorge Serrano Yes
Technology Level Reviewed Jorge Serrano Yes


Dorsai (talk)
Felipe (talk)
ForjaSalvaje (talk)
Hitman (talk)
Johansolo (talk)
Jorge Serrano (talk)
Tremandur (talk)
Viajero Salvaje (talk)

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Translated Pages[edit]

Article Estado Translation Revised Reviewed
Main Page Reviewed Jorge Serrano Tremandur yes
Versiones de Traveller Reviewed Hitman Sugaar Yes
Classic Traveller Reviewed Jorge Serrano Sugaar Yes
Mongoose_Traveller Reviewed ForjaSalvaje Yes
Major Race Reviewed Jorge Serrano Tremandur Yes
Calendario Imperial Reviewed Viajero Salvaje Hitman Yes
Nobleza Imperial Reviewed Jorge Serrano Sugaar Yes
Perfil de Mundo Universal (PMU) Reviewed Johansolo Sugaar Yes
Sistema (Sistema estelar) Reviewed Johansolo Sugaar Yes
Planetary Size Reviewed Johansolo Jorge Serrano Yes
Universo de Traveller Oficial (UTO) Reviewed Johansolo Sugaar Yes
Nuevo Traveller Reviewed Jorge Serrano Yes
Date Conversion Reviewed Viajero Salvaje Yes
Starport Reviewed Johansolo Yes
Hydrosphere Reviewed Johansolo Yes