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The litte Settler Tom is an adventure book about Tom Fredowiak in a fictitious Colony Ignutztown on Clavusheim, issued by Better Home Publishing on Britten (world). It was listed at 837 on the Top 1000 Century Bestseller List. A Must have in each Library. Written by Veli Massimo Maccia


The book describes the life of Tom Fredowiak, born 1048 on the poor and highpopulated World Minsk (Magyar 1512) within the New Slavic Solidarity, Solomani Confederation. Behind the story of Tom, there some important messages.

  • Your are the one who has to change your life, if your unhappy with your life.
  • The important parts of the colonizationprocesses are described. the reader not only learned, that colonization is positive and makes you happy, the reader also learns many things about colonization. the author tried to describe boring things, like growth rate, 72 rule, within the adventourus context of toms life.

The little Settler Tom[edit]


It was described the worse life on the poor, high populated System Minsk, very short with the birth, the schooltime, the first love and so on. This chapter is to introduce the character Tom, the description of the world is very dreary and commonly know to each who feel very comfortable with the life. it also describes the first steps of the professional career, working in boring jobs without real chances to develop. at the end of this chapter, there could be a light bond and identification with the reader and Tom, if the reader also feels bored and frustrated about Life.

New Lights[edit]

With New Lights the reader reads about Toms attempts to change his life into some more interesting. He tried some really nasty things, to change his life. All were to change the enviromment. To deal with the frustration. There were drugs, partys, crime, prison, and therapy. Within his therapy there was a central thought for dealing with a bad life or Prooblems: Take it, change it or leave it. It was clear, he was not able to take the life at Minsk as it was until end of life. it was also clear he can't change the world to make it a better place, he can't change his life on this planet. He only option would be leave this world. Within the chapter it is described how he changed to make a change. to be a colonist. and it also describes what steps there are to be done to be member of the colony program, even without much money.

The New World[edit]

This Chapter describes the preparation phase for beeing a colonists, the examens, onboarding and offboarding, the feelings because the cold berth and the first steps on a new system. the positive, progressive emotions and vibes he experienced. the new friends he made. the reader becomes a good impression of processes of being a colonist, the emotions and the positive change of the mindset. to be believabe the author included some minor bad experiences and how tom positivly deal with them. For sure, in every chapter Toms doubts are given and not ignored, but from now on, he could take the other options, too. Some issues he accepted, some were changable.

Tom, the Farmer[edit]

This chapter describes tom attempts to be a farmer on his own land. it describes knowledge about the farming processes, special behaviors to be a successful farmer and mini herder. it also intruces some of Toms new friends when they met at the pub in the evenings.

Mining Bob[edit]

the reader learned some more about Bob. Bob, the Miner. In several Conversations between Bob and Tom, and sometimes their friends, the reader learn many things about mining, which is beside farming one of the central points of a new colony. farming is the base for living, mining is the base for production. one is nothing without the other. together they make the way to a prospering colony.

Exploring the world[edit]

Toms farm is on a good way. His farmhand from the colonization fifth wave will take care for a year, so Tom can Travel and see some new wonders of the world. During his Journey he discovered a unknown beach, rare plants, beautiful landscapes and hikingpaths. He documented his journay on a small camcorder. Back at home Bob, the Miner saws the videos and loaded them up to local Net. Tom gets known within the region. For sure the author don't forget to implement know how for exploring a world, but not very much. is more or less the first and only chapter nearly without psychological or educactional intention, but with the highest psycholgical effect of considering beeing a colonist.


Because of his videos Tom gets a little bit known within Ignutztown and was, after a proposal of Bob, elected for beeing Alderman of Ignutztown. There is many to read about base politics, administration, leading, communication and computers. tom changed very much. he has become politician.

President of Clavusheim[edit]

Because a Bird Eye View perspective to a colony should not be missing Tom was elected for President in the last years of his life. the reader experienced many things about Administration/management of a colony. And now tho book takes a relation to every chapter. by given information of the president he combines several chapter to one book. he sets several information given in a context and if Tom dies on the last page, the book ends and the feels two things. No I can manage a clony and Scond I want to be a colonist.

about the Author[edit]

the name Veli Massimo Maccia does not exist in official registers. According to the Publishers it is a Alias, but the don't know the real name

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