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Interstellar Wars World Data
Name {{{giwname}}}
Allegiance {{{giwalg}}}
Type {{{giwtype}}}
Diameter {{{giwdia}}}miles
Gravity {{{giwgrav}}}g
Atmosphere {{{giwatm}}}
Hydrographic {{{giwhyd}}}%
Climate {{{giwclimate}}}
Resources {{{giwrmv}}}
Affinity score {{{giwaff}}}
Population {{{giwpop}}}
Starport {{{giwport}}}
Naval Base {{{giwnavy}}}
Gov Code {{{giwgov}}}
Control Rating {{{giwcr}}}
Tech Level {{{giwtl}}}
Trade codes {{{giwtrade}}}
WTN {{{giwwtn}}}
{{GURPS worlds
    |giwname={{IW Name}} 
    |giwalg={{IW Alg code}} 
    |giwtype={{IW Type code}} 
    |giwdia={{IW Dia code}} 
    |giwgrav={{IW Grav value}} 
    |giwatm={{IW Atmosphere code}} 
    |giwhyd={{IW Hyd code}} 
    |giwclimate={{IW Climate code}} 
    |giwrmv={{IW RMV calue}} 
    |giwaff={{IW AFF Value}} 
    |giwpop={{IW Population code}} 
    |giwport={{A|B|C|D|E Starport}} 
    |giwnavy={{IW Naval Base}} 
    |giwgov={{IW Govornment code}} 
    |giwcr={{IW Control Raiting}} 
    |giwtl={{IW TL code}} 
    |giwtrade=((Ag|Ex|In|Na|Ni|Po|Ri Trade code}} 
    |giwwtn={{IW WTN value}}