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Smelchak Notes (2016)[edit]

Novel: Traveller 5th Edition Agent of the Imperium Excerpt: (pg. 156)

I knew these basic facts.

  1. They made their workers happy in monotonous jobs.
  2. They erased worry rather than solving its causes.
  3. Their masses surrendered their independence in order to be happy.
  4. Their surrender was not necessarily voluntary.

Sector Listing (2016)[edit]

  1. Afachtiabr Sector AKA Far Frontiers Sector
  2. Bleblqansh Sector
  3. Bliardlie Sector
  4. Briakqra' Sector AKA Gvurrdon Sector
  5. Chit Botshti Sector
  6. Chtierabl Sector
  7. Dalchie Jdatl Sector
  8. Datsatl Sector AKA Ianshaplzdier Sector
  9. Driasera Sector
  10. Eiaplial Sector
  11. Iakr Sector AKA Foreven Sector
  12. Itvikiastaf Sector
  13. Proanz Sector
  14. Sector 05 Sector
  15. Sector 95 Sector
  16. Sidiadl Sector
  17. Steblenzh Sector AKA Vanguard Reaches Sector
  18. Stiatlchepr Sector
  19. Tienspevnekr Sector
  20. Tsebntsiatldlants Sector
  21. Tloql Sector AKA Spinward Marches Sector
  22. Tlabrieish Sector AKA Knoellighz Sector
  23. Tsadra Sector
  24. Viajlefliez Sector
  25. Yiklerzdanzh Sector
  26. Zdiedeiant Sector
  27. Zhiensh Sector
  28. Zhodane Sector
  29. Ziafrplians Sector

Changes to be made[edit]

Under 2. Description, 2.2 B Symbols - the word "national" should be changed to the word "Consulate"