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Notes (2006)[edit]

The external link is correct.

You may be able to expand this topic by reading Joe's answers to various fan questions:;f=46;t=000025;p=4

I read through the entire 27 pages; some interesting stuff, but I picked up a gem in all that text. I sent Mr. Fugate an email in reference; and her eis his response:


Still have them, yes! And if you would like, post to the COTI forum that you just contacted us and we still have them (plenty of them still -- remember we found a couple of boxes worth, so we had nearly 100 copies of each to start with) and they are the same price as given before. Yes, Model Railroading is my passion and pastime now, and I'm enjoying it greatly.

--Joe Fugate

> **Hello,**

> ** I know this has been quite a while ago, but as had been mentioned in that COTI forum (and I have always said) , it doesn't hurt to ask....**

> posted October 28, 2004 08:38

> BTW, anyone looking for TD19 or TD20, I still have some left and will sell them at cover price (4.95) + $1 for postage. And I also have MTJ3 and MTJ4 at cover prices (12.95) + $1.50 postage. > Throw in two bucks more and I'll even autograph it for you if you like.

> **If you have any of these (or even any other Traveller material) left that you would like to sell, please let me know. **

> **I recently re-discovered Traveller; I seem to have a bunch of spare time waitng for trucks to break over here in Iraq and I find a fantastic journey that makes the days seem less endless. **

> **I hope that you do not object to my bothering you with this. I am happy to have found this forum thread and overjoyed in your answering questions about the challenges of producing such fine products. I can clearly see the amount of time spent on the Traveller items and am happy to see that you have turned your attention to model railroading (another hobby of mine, but less portable, given my current location).**

> **Thanks for your time,**