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Notes (2017)[edit]

A Map of Charted Space in a Traveller article in Different Worlds magazine, Issue #09, p.16 (that is clearly derived from the early hand-drawn map of Charted Space by GDW staff that is available on the MegaTraveller CD-ROM from Far Future Enterprises) shows a large "island" of stars within the Great Rift in the Hkakhaeaw Sector. It covers parts of Subsector A, most of Subsector B, and almost the entirety of Subsector C & Subsector D, intruding briefly into the surrounding sectors at the coretrailing tip of Hkakhaeaw Sector.

Interestingly, this stellar "island" is not present on the hand-drawn map on the MT CD-ROM, but only on the derived map in the Different Worlds magazine article.