Survival tent

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Survival tent
Type Structure
Tech Level TL–12
Cost Cr2000
Size 130 liters
Weight 20kg

The Survival tent is a standard item for exploration teams, and ship's boats often have one stowed behind a panel with other emergency supplies. It comes in two cylindrical parts, the top being removed before activation. If directions are followed carefully (and survival may depend on it!), the lower half becomes a two cubic meter "airlock" with an attached hemisphere enclosing 17 cubic meters (4m diameter, 2m high), inflated with breathable air from a separate canister. The half-dome and airlock quickly become permanently rigid from a catalytic reaction triggered upon activation. They are then anchored to the ground if necessary. The survival tent has a marginal solar power supply built into the fabric, and three windows of reasonable transparency. The "doors" are simply panels of rigidized fabric, and internal atmospheric integrity is maintained by gluing them shut after each use.

The airlock has no means of pressure control, and some of the external atmosphere (if any) will get into the tent with each use, while some of the internal atmosphere will escape to the outside

The remaining half of the original cylinder is a combination Emergency Beacon and atmosphere circulator, which can provide breathable air for up to six people indefinitely, and filter out traces of harmful atmospheres like chlorine, ammonia and methane. Corrosive atmospheres will eat through the tent in seven to ten days, depending upon local factors.

The emergency beacon uses metal fibers within the tent fabric as an antenna, which also help the tent reflect radar scans. It is presumed that anyone using such a tent on an inhospitable world is expecting rescue.

On hospitable worlds, a survival tent can be used as an equipment locker, shower, radio hut, or any form of semi-permanent dwelling by slapping on a few adhesive strips to act as door hinges and latches, and cutting out the windows for air circulation.

A survival tent is in packed form is about meter long and 0.2 meters in diameter. It masses about 20kg. These tents are available through Imperial channels for about Cr2000. Basic catalytic tents without the extra features (airlock, emergency beacon, etc.) cost about Cr750 and mass 15kg.

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