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Steve Crompton is a Traveller artist, contributor, and fan.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Steven S. Crompton has been doing graphics & illustration for Flying Buffalo since 1981.

  • His most notable work for Flying Buffalo has been the Grimtooth's Traps books (all seven) and the card artwork for all of the Nuclear War sequel card games.
  • He also has art in MAPS, Lejentia Campaigns, 3 T&T solos and many other books, cards, games and items from Flying Buffalo.
  • Some of the other game companies that have published his work include Fantasy Games Unlimited, FASA, Steve Jackson Games, Game Designers Workshop, RSI, Presedence Games and many other smaller companies.
  • Besides Flying Buffalo, Steven has spent a lot of his time working in the comic book field. His main accomplishments in this field include Elves of Lejentia, Demi the Demoness and Pantheon series.
  • He has also inked or drawn numerous other comics for a variety of publishers.

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