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Technology Level Stages[edit]

Tech Level Stages describe points in the technological development lifecycle of a device.

Technology Level Stages
# Stage Definition TL Mod
1. Experimental Technology Experimental is handmade by inventors, usually one-of-a-kind, and often dangerous and unreliable. -3
2. Prototype Technology Prototypes are hand made. There are perhaps a dozen examples of any one prototype. -2
3. Early Technology Early is a preliminary mass-produced design, with the bugs not yet worked out. -1
4. Basic Technology Basic is a cheaper, bulkier, cheaper, less-featured version of the standard item. +/- 0
5. Standard Technology Standard is the version with the expected features for the technology when it is mature and stable. +/- 0
6. Alternate Technology This design uses an alternate technology to achieve its effects. +1
7. Improved Technology Improved is the implementation of additional features. +1
8. Modified Technology Modified is a version featuring significant improvements. +2
9. Generic Technology Generic is an equivalent to the standard version produced at lower cost using higher tech level manufacturing capabilities. +2
10. Advanced Technology Significantly better than the standard version, and features lower weight and excellent ergonomic design. +3
11. Ultimate Technology The technological pinnacle of the design cycle. +4

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