Ships of Clement Sector 7-9: Defence Craft and Light Warships

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Ships of Clement Sector 7-9: Defence Craft and Light Warships
Ships of the Clement Sector 7-9.png
Author Michael Johnson
Publisher Gypsy Knights Games
Version Cepheus Engine
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 148
Year Published 2016
Available from DriveThru RPG


Ships of Clement Sector 7-9: Defense Boats and Light Warships compiles the seventh, eighth and ninth volumes of our popular PDF starship series. Included within this book are the Perth-class frigate, the Berlin-class, the Type 2 System Security Cutter, and the Rattlesnake-class Attack Craft.

Each ship is beautifully detailed with multiple views, detailed deckplans and full statistics. Also included are several NPCs and adventure hooks to get these vessels quickly and easily into your campaign.

While each of these ships has been specifically designed to fit into the Clement Sector setting, they could easily be used in other settings or within other science fiction RPGs if needed.

Get on board! Adventure awaits!


Author: Michael Johnson
Artist: Ian Stead, Michael Johnson, Bradley Warnes