Roget Parker

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Roget Parker, Duke Pax Rulin

Appointed Duke of Pax Rulin Subsector in the Holiday Nobles list of 1117 for 'Services to Commerce in the Domain of Deneb'. His appointment is usually overshadowed by the investiture of the archdukes of Deneb and Illelish on the same day. The third son of the Marquis Perrior, as a young man he embarked on a merchant career, founding the subsector line Uberdaal Shipping in 1094, which is today the major shipping line in Imperial space in Trojan Reach. At the conclusion of the Fifth Frontier War in 1110 he married the niece of the Duchess of Mora. Despite his well connected marriage and noble lineage the Duke had no noble title of his own until his investiture in 1117. It is somewhat of a mystery how his star rose so high as to come to the attention of the Emperor.

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