Research Station Zeta (Spinward Marches)

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Research Station Zeta is an Imperial research facility on Froin (Spinward Marches 0539).


Research Station Zeta (Spinward Marches) Data Table
Name World Sector Primary Project Secondary Project/s Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor/s Notes
Research Station Zeta (Spinward Marches) Froin Froin (Spinward Marches 0539) Genetic Engineering Virus research Third Imperium Classified None

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The isolation of the Froin system eventually attracted the Ministry of Science's attention, when it was looking for a world to build the Spinward Marches Research Station Zeta.

Zeta was intended for genetic manipulation research, and Froin's lack of a population and thin atmosphere were deemed acceptable for containment and concealment of the stations experiments. While not as secret as Vanejen's now notorious Research Station Gamma, or the controversy around Trojan Reach's supposedly defunct Research Station Beta, its isolation permitted it to host research projects for the Navy, Scouts, Ministry of Conservation and some shady elements of the nobility and intelligence services.

RSZ is built into Crater Zeta, at the edge of the southern icepack on Froin.


Research Station Zeta's geneering projects, were mostly terminated after the formation of the Interior Ministry. Its current work is heavily classified, though many suspect that it is now bent towards Viral research. It is thought that the mission change reflects the nature of Froin's increasingly computerized economy. Many analysts think that the world has become a testing ground for a plethora of anti-viral countermeasures, and perhaps even domesticated Viral strains. In support of this thesis, it has been noted that all of the worlds operating electronics are cleared through the station before they are installed on any piece of machinery or put into operation. Much of this includes a number of modifications or custom additions not standard to these systems.

And the RASAC archives hint at a massive Viral-organic integration project centered somewhere in Five Sisters Subsector at a facility only improbably described as "Bellowing Moose."

If Froin is home to a massive experiment in Viral assimilation, no direct evidence has yet surfaced, and RQS has publicly denied any such project exists, much less in operation on Froin. While this creates nervousness among visitors, and a whirlwind of speculation and conspiracy theories safeside, it has not dampened trade at all. In fact, most native Froinians have taken time out from their busy schedules to express outrage at RQS for not releasing this technology in full to relieve them of their heavy workloads.

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