Research Station Eta

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Research Station Eta is an Imperial research facility on Judice/District 268 (Spinward Marches 1337).


Eta has been run by Kaldi Research since 1155, and has been expanded to do research in severe environment conditions, and fluidic research biochemistry.

Research Station Eta Data Table
Name World Sector Primary Project Secondary Project/s Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor/s Notes
Research Station Eta Judice Judice (Spinward Marches 1337) Biochemistry (Fluidics) Exoscience (Judiciani) Kaldi Research Third Imperium None

History & Background[edit]

Judice has a corrosive atmosphere with high amounts of nitric acid.

Despite this hellish environment, extremely hardy life has begun evolving in the world's nitric acid "seas". Since 1103 Eta has studied these lifeforms, and subsequent surveys showed that the local biosphere was even more significant in extent than previously thought.

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