Research Station Delta (Spinward Marches)

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Research Station Delta is an Imperial research facility on Retinae (Spinward Marches 0416).


Delta consists of a specially shielded dome structure, about 500 kilometers from the Tashaki "capitol." Nuclear dampers are built into its environment plant to prevent contamination from the highly radioactive atmosphere, which is mostly oxygen with high amounts of Radon and other radioactive gases.

Imperial Army engineers excavated an extensive system of subterranean warrens under the facility, and structurally it can withstand a direct hit from a low yield tactical nuclear weapon or a major earthquake.

Imperial Research Station Data Table
Name World Sector Primary Project Secondary Project/s Primary Sponsor Secondary Sponsor/s Notes
Research Station Delta (Spinward Marches) Retinae Retinae (Spinward Marches 0416) Exoscience (Tashaki) Classified Imperial Army Zhodani Consulate None

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The facility was first built in 687 with the sole purpose of studying the Tashaki and their strange ecology.

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