Raptor class Troop Transport

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Raptor class Troop Transport
Type: UIT Troop Pinnace
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Canon No. Unpublished, non-canon fan design.
Cargo 0 Tons
Cost MCr57.5
Crew 2
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Hardpoints 1
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Illustration No
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Jump J-0
Maneuver 3.5 G
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Origin Third Imperium
Passengers 12 High/Med 0 Low
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Size 20 Tons
Size-cat Smallcraft
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Tech Level TL–13
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The Raptor class Troop Transport is designed as a multi-function vehicle, for interface military operations. Capable of serving as a space or air fighter, it is also equipped to land a squad of 12 infantrymen (preferably battle dress equipped). Endurance was sacrificed to provide the other desired operating features. The Raptor carries a space-rated triple missile turret as well as a remotely operated 100MW pulse laser belly turret.

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