Quick Worlds 2: Fairfax

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Quick Worlds 2: Fairfax
Author John Watts
Publisher Gypsy Knights Games
Version Mongoose Traveller
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 14
Year Published 2011
Canonical No
Available from No longer available
Also See Subsector Sourcebook 1: Cascadia

Written with the busy Referee in mind, this product provides a new world in which to base adventures. Details such as the system characteristics, the government, the law, and the culture have been laid out so all you have to do is drop it into your campaign. And short of ideas? We've even added a few adventure hooks to get your creative juices flowing.

On Fairfax, your players will encounter a world that is brutally cold at night and cool during the day. The people of Fairfax are open and friendly with some odd ideas about education.

And they are still investigating the skeletons found in the Coran Rift Valley...

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Author John Watts
Cover Diversepixel
Editor Curtis Rickman
Playtesters Wendy Watts, Greg Seaborn, Randy Sutton, Tom Howard, Alan Mullican, and Anthony Westbrook