Quick Worlds 25 Saphronius

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Quick Worlds 25: Saphronius

Publisher Gypsy Knights Games
Version Mongoose Traveller
Author John Watts
Format PDF
Canonical no
Year Published 2012
Pages 18
Available from Out of Print



Welcome to Saphronius!

Saphronius is a wartorn world with multiple factions vying for power. Government crackdowns. Terror attacks. Opportunities await for those brave enough to chance it.

Saphronius comes with detailed descriptions of the rebel factions combating the repressive government. Includes characters for each of the faction leaders.

Visit Africa Bay! Race on the salt flats! See the Great New Forest!

Quick Worlds 25: Saphronius has been designed with the busy Referee in mind. Saphronius is meant to be an interesting and exciting place that can be easily added into any existing Traveller campaign. In addition, many details are provided to allow you to use Sophronius in concert with The Hub Federation and other Gypsy Knights Games products.

And short of ideas? We've added several adventure hooks to get your creative juices flowing and allow you to make a visit to the Saphronius system one your characters will remember.

Look for other worlds in our Quick Worlds line coming soon!

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Author: John Watts.