Pierre hault-Dishaeda

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Homeworld: Numdaag/Iimii (Zarushagaar 0112) Born: 003-1069

Admiral Sir Dishaeda was born on the high population world of Numdaag to an upper class family. It was made clear early in his life that he was expected to follow in his father's footsteps and join the Imperial Navy. He attended the prestigious Naval Academy on Liasdi where he graduated in the top fifth of his class.

At the start of the Rebellion, the 9th Fleet in Khipge subsector split over the issue of who to be loyal to, Dulinor or Lucan. Disaheda, now both a Commodore and a knight, took command of the pro-Ilelish squadrons and secured the subsector for the Archeduke. He was made Sector Admiral as a reward for his actions. (Replacing Ashikagi who had sided with the Third Imperium). As part of the Loyal Fleet, Dishaeda was responsible for the reduction and capture of the Naval Depot in Epshu. (Ironically enough, his chief opponent was Ashikagi). The Battles for Depot ultimately exhausted both fleets and Dishaeda was moved to the rear in 1118 and was made a baron by Dulinor.

At the present time, Dishaeda is Commander in Chief of Loyal Fleet forces in Ibaru subsector (CINCIBARU).

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