Personal Restraints

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Type Survival gear
Tech Level TL–3
Cost Cr25
Size 0.3 liters
Weight 0.3kg

Personal Restraints are a tool used to hold and restrain people. Used by police and security forces to hold captured criminals and others. The primary restraints are used to bind the hands and arms of suspects.

Manacles are the earliest version, they consist of a pair of iron straps, one to go around each wrist of the prisoner, connected by a short chain. Usually manufactured around TL–3.

Handcuffs are an advancement on the Manacles, using a hinged metal bracelet with a locking ratchet for each wrist. These are connected by a short chain or bar.

Electro-cuffs incorporate a battery and a remote trigger device to administer an incapacitating electric shock to the prisoner.

In addition to the reusable restraints, there are some single use restraint devices. Each of these must be cut or destroyed to remove the restraints.

Zip-cuffs consist of a 1cm wide plastic strip with a ratchet lock on one end. They are simple to manufacture and very inexpensive.

Cufftape consists of a roll of perforated tape, breaking every two feet. The tape sticks best to itself, and the two-foot lengths makes for a convenient length for a restraint device.

Stik-cuff is related to sticky weapon, consisting of a small spray can of quick setting epoxy.

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