Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector

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Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector
Outlaw Crime in the Clement Sector.png
Author Michael Johnson
Publisher Gypsy Knights Games
Version Cepheus Engine
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 129
Year Published 2019
Available from DriveThru RPG


Crime pays!

As with all societies, crime is a part of Clement Sector. It is a constant throughout history and the future is no different. Some player characters may be engaged in criminal activities while other characters may be members of law enforcement trying to stop such criminals.

Outlaw: Crime in Clement Sector details crime throughout the setting and how each of the many independent worlds of Clement Sector feel about such crimes. From Arson to Treason, from the "street" level to the boardroom, you'll find it detailed here.

Outlaw provides seven character building careers for those who want to play a criminal character or simply have that as part of their background. Cleaners, Drivers, Dealers, Forgers, Hitmen, Prisoners, and Smugglers. Need a shady background? We've got it along with a chapter filled with tasks providing the Referee with easy references to allow a character to attempt such dirty deeds. If they get caught, we have information on how to deal with a trial and imprisonment.

Outlaw also details organized crime, its history, and how such organizations operate in Clement Sector. Want to play an entire criminal organization rather than just a single character? We provide that here! Building on the rules presented in Balancing Act and Almighty Credit, we give you the tools to play the organization!

Join the dark side! Find out how crime really does pay.


Author: Michael Johnson
Artist: Bradley Warnes