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Hospitable World, Temperate Worlds, Terra-norm worlds, or Hospitables are potentially habitable or exploitable worlds located in the Habitable Zone.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A Garden World or temperate world possesses a safe temperate environment by definition, which does not require protective equipment for humans or other sophonts, who share similar breathable environments (...shirt sleeve worlds). The term is synonymous with garden world in most climatic aspects.

Planetary Characteristics[edit]

No information yet available.

TC Temperate World Series (Hospitable) (IISS Scout Handbook, pgs. 490-491)
Type Code Size Atm Hyd Pop Gov Law Remarks
Tropical World Tr 6789 456789 34567 -- -- -- Tropic HZ neg. Hotter. Starward.
Temperate World Tp 6789 456789 34567 -- -- -- Temperate. HZ. Just right.
Tundra World Tu 6789 456789 34567 -- -- -- Tundra HZ pos. Colder. Staraway.

Probably Planetary Orbit & Climate[edit]

Temperate worlds most often attract considerable immigration and the odds of a successful economy arising are much greater than more challenging and less life-supporting planets.

World Placement by Zone (IISS Scout Handbook, pgs. 490-491) (← starward) Habitable Zone / HZ] (staraway →)
TC Inner (-) HZ-2 HZ-1 HZ HZ+1 HZ+2 Outer (+) Remote & Far Systems Remarks
Tp - - Possible Yes Possible - - - Temperate worlds almost always are found within the HZ except under exotic conditions.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

A Temperate World is hospitable to most sophonts. Its size, atmosphere, and hydrographics make it an extremely attractive world to conventional lifeforms.

  • A Terra-norm isn't as desirable as a Terra-prime world, but it still possess a wide variety of features that allow for easy residence by most sophont species.
  • In practical terms, this means a moderate to large world, moderate to high hydrographics, an untainted standard pressure atmosphere, and a standard gravity.
  • Most species also prefer a moderate sun in the G2 V to G3 V range.

Traditional Definition of a Inhabitable World[edit]

The early Terrans and later Solomani defined a desirable world as a Terra-norm or Terra-prime worlds.

  • This later became defined as the following characteristics: Atm 4-9, Hyd 4-8.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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